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The Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2006 edition, defines Lollapalooza as: a noun, Slang. An extraordinary or unusual thing, person, or event; an exceptional example or instance.

Includes 3 routines with contributions from Jon Armstrong, and inspirations from Darwin Ortiz and R. Paul Wilson. You will learn a 10-Card Poker Deal that is the fairest one of 'em all! A Spectator-Cuts-The-Cards where the spectator ends up with an impossible hand of cards. An incredible Poker Demonstration involving a spectator choosing any 10 cards in an attempt to beat the dealer!

No forcing, or sleight-of-hand required.

Full patter for all routines
Specially printed cards from the U.S. Playing Card Company.
Custom Sticker for your card box
Lots of fun reading!