Mango and Dango, the hardest working clowns

Mango and Dango amazed me the first time I saw them. They are effortless and wonderful.  For anyone who loves the the circus they are an absolute must see.

From their website: 

Mango and Dango are world renowned theatrical circus performers, partner acrobats, jugglers, aerialists, stilt walkers, physical comedians & chair stackers specializing in variety shows and roving entertainment.

They are known to WOW the audience with one of their many breathtaking technical circus skills: acrobats, Jugglers, Aerialists, stiltwalkers, chair stacking, rolla bolla, clown, physical theater, unsupported ladder, and cirque style performaces.   They bring laughter and danger together for a pas-de- deux f chance and circumstance. Performing together for over 10 years Mango and Dango have amassed enough laughter and applause from around the globe that they can’t help themselves from making even the most mundane experiences shine with a glorious magnificence as it pratfalls into the pages of history.

Their circus shows include a partner acrobatic tango dance based around the trials and tribulations of unrequited love, juggling of many bizarre objects , daring aerial dance upon silks, rope or Lyra, stilt walking taken to new heights merged with dance acrobatics and handstands, physical comedy that speaks to the inner idiot in all of us, acrobatic chair stacking that makes even the most fearless within the audience quiver, and tons of outlandish wacky stunts performed with everyday objects and endless laughter as the audience watches the fool getting fooled. As directors and artists trained in circus, dance and theater they specialize in a wide variety of talents allowing them to perform stage, street shows, variety entertainment Roving spectacles and cirque style performances. As Costumers and designers Mango and Dango have created an authentic, stylish and cool world for every audience to immerse themselves in, whether watching in amazement as the Flying Umbrella Ship strolls by or being swept up by their childlike admiration and playfulness with everything they encounter Mango and Dango bring a fresh outlook to circus entertainment and are always an authentic crowd favorite, whether you are looking for traditional circus entertainment, modern cirque style entertainment or don’t really know what you are looking for and want Mango and Dango to create a unique entertainment experience for you and your guests please feel free to reach out and dream.

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